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Harm Reduction Advocate

My interest in harm reduction education started years ago during my personal experience with addiction and drug use. I firmly believe that people who use drugs deserve access to compassionate care and education with a focus on reducing the stigma towards addiction and substance use. From a young age I have held a servant's heart with a sincere passion for my community and I strive to impact ours positively by providing essential services and unbiased support both to active users and those affected. 



Peer Support Specialist

Harm Reduction Advocate

After spending half of my life weaving in and out of active addiction - jumping through various hoops in hopes of achieving different forms of successful recovery - I’m a hundred percent confident in the fact that easier access to clean materials and increased safety precautions for active using has a growing need and so many stigmas need to be eradicated. My recovery is an on going journey & Out of Harm’s Reach sprouted up right when I could’ve used it most. I find it to be my duty to give back to my community in a way that I could of so desperately used myself. 



Media and Design

Harm Reduction Advocate

My name is Kit and I am an artist and active member of the community here in Gainesville, Florida. I have lived here off and on for a few years and consider this town to be home for now. I have traveled across the country and in between those years that I did not live here I met a lot of wonderful people who have, unfortunately, succumbed to opioid overdoses. I have a lot of odd interests and hobbies, including harm reduction, but writing bios is not one of them.



Event Coordinator

Harm Reduction Advocate

Advocate for the underdog since I learned to talk. My interest in Harm Reduction stems mostly from the lack of harm reduction programs and compassion when people I love have needed it. But also from work I have done organizing Mutual Aid and Food Justice events in my local communities. Mutual aid is the idea that we can work together as a community to meet our needs. To do our harm reduction work, we must meet the needs of our community. It is with great passion and honor that I am here to serve my community, especially for those of us who are most vulnerable, marginalized, stigmatized, and criminalized.



Harm Reduction Advocate

The current drug epidemic is something that has touched nearly everyone in this country and there is a blatant need for services that cater towards those who choose to use drugs in an effort to keep the number of preventable deaths at a minimum. My beliefs stem from the idea of meeting others where they are at with a judgement free perspective that places the value of life over the choices that one might make.

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